In an era of empty promises and shallow glamour, Holoworld punctuates the noise with snarling effect.

This unapologetically exclusive domain is propelled and governed by four key principles, each as integral as the last. Power, Style, Respect, Royalty are not merely words in Holoworld - they are a mantra.

In this realm, each Holo NFT collectible is emblematic of a specific principle, something reflected in their individually lustrous final forms.

With rugged hierarchy running deep in the veins of Holoworld, only those that collect numerous Holos can ascend to reach the most prestigious of positions within this environment. Although access to any level of Holoworld remains a hard-won luxury, it is only these truly tenacious collectors that will ultimately earn the ennobled title of Holo VIP.



Whether it's in their business connections or 'don't give a fuck' attitude, Power is the blood that courses through the veins of Holo holders. Items such as Uzis make clear of the lengths self-protecting holders will go to when under threat. Kindness, yes. Weakness? Never.


A keen awareness of high end style forms the calling card of the Holo holder: encrusted watches and necklaces dripping with gems are just a few of the luxury items considered Holoworld staples. Who says that renegades and outsiders shouldn't look a trillion dollars?


This is the quality that underpins and informs every aspect of the Holo mindset. Although differently positioned, each member of this society is bonded as an unbreakable clan through the shared experience of Holo ownership. Items such as the HoloShogun and the HoloWheel acts as potent visual reminders of just how foundational the principle of respect is in this world.


Prestige is the intangible essence that weaves its way through the Holoworld experience, encouraging aspirations of nobility and status.

Arguably most splendid of all Holo collectibles is the Holocrown - a shimmering artefact of near unparalleled beauty. Be warned though: in a world of outlaws, King and Queens do not always act elegantly...

Join the community and enter the exclusive society where outlaw code meets elite lifestyle.